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Haiku for Ate Nikki


Dear Ate Nikki,
I have a question for you.
Do you like my beard?

But seriously,
I’m sorry it took so long
for this special treat.

I proudly present,
without much further ado,
My haiku for you.

There once was a boy
who wrote haiku for people.
They were so awesome.

He read them out loud
to the people of the land.
They were all amazed.

A dragon was mad.
The boy sang out a haiku.
No more mad dragon.

A king was captured
by a dangerous old guy.
The boy destroyed him.

If you are lonely,
recite one of his haiku.
you’ll still be lonely.

I must now depart
I am just a messenger.
So farewell, young one.


Author: PJ


2 thoughts on “Haiku for Ate Nikki

  1. half-empty backpacks
    a bonfire flickers
    from a distance

  2. Great that you like haiku.

    Check out our haiku competition to see if you or your readers would like to enter.

    all my best,

    Alan, With Words

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